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BoxPlus is an innovative high-tech company. The company's main products are smart IoT devices. Basing on that and through data platforms as well as the application development, it provides customers with end-to-end real-time information throughout the transportation chain, big data services and consulting services to meet customers' regulatory requirements for business, assets, and data.

BoxPlus has mastered the relevant core technologies and cooperate with the world's logistics enterprise, universities, and advanced IT firms. It will be driven by technological innovation in the field of the Internet of Things, and integrate the logistics industry element with information and communication technology, sensors, big data, and artificial intelligence together to shape the new logistics business model and improve the intelligent logistics technology standard system. The company will provide complete intelligent IoT solutions for participants in the global logistics supply chain, create value for customers, and become a leader in the container IoT industry.

The company can provide you with a stable career, bright development prospect, and open innovation space, complete staff welfare and care system as well as good compensation, welcome talented people who are interested in IoT technology innovation to join.