About Us

BoxPlus Information Technology Company

BoxPlus is a professional Internet of Things(IoT) solutions provider established on December 30, 2019, and headquartered in Shanghai. It is jointly established by Sanlly Container Service Co., Ltd and Shanghai Maritime University and Oriental Equipment Services,Inc, With more than 8 years of research project and over tens thousands of devices installation experience, we offer an end to end intelligent IoT solution, from smart edge device, data platform, business application with artificial intelligence (AI) and services , consultancy for the customers in the containerized transportation industry.

BoxPlus mastered the relevant core technologies and cooperate with the world's logistics enterprise, universities, and advanced IT firms, which empowers us rich domain knowledge, capability of technological innovation and agile development. BoxPlus integrated the logistics industry element with information and communication technology, sensors and big data together to research and design the smart edge devices. Such device can receive remote business command and get the firmware upgraded over the air. The smart devices are designed with low-power mode and can sustain a long stand-by time when outer power is off to meet customers' regulatory requirements for business, assets, and data.

BoxPlus develops commercial IoT applications. With a cloud-based high-availability infrastructure, excellent data research and development capabilities, we provide a reliable digital IoT platform for the global supply chain. We provide real-time information services and various intelligent alarm and prediction services that run through the entire transportation chain via multi channels like WEB and mobile APP. By applying artificial intelligence technology, BoxPlus balances the standardization of container transportation and the customization of industry players, drives the intelligence of container transportation, enhances service capability and improves operating efficiency to create new value for customers.