BoxPlus (Reefer)

One-stop reefer cargo management solution

"BoxPlus (reefer)" is a one-stop reefer cargo management solution for ocean carriers and shippers. The AI and IoT-enabled solution features end-to-end information transparency, including enhanced reefer container Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI) support, real-time container status monitoring updates, and predictive cargo arrival status. It allows carriers to offer best-in-class performance to shippers with lowered operating costs. It has been proven effective and efficient. COSCO SHIPPING recorded substantial savings in reefer container PTI costs after adopting the solution, while reefer sales increased during the same period.

The intelligent monitoring terminal device IBOX for refrigerated containers, zero damage to the container, exchanges data with refrigerated container controller through RS-232 interface, collects the space position, set temperature, supply air temperature, return air temperature, humidity, fault code and other status information of refrigerated container during operation,and sends the data back to the data center server through wireless network communication. The device supports two-way communication, remote control, parameter setting, firmware upgradation OTA and can automatically adjust the corresponding working mode to collect and send data dynamically. The device adopts a low-power design mode, with a variety of low-power working modes, which can be kept available for a long time under the battery supporting mode. The device supports multi-mode positioning functions such as Beidou\GPS, and can access to 2G\3G\4G mobile communication network worldwide, and supports data storing and reissuing according to the communication availability. The device is equipped with ZigBee\Bluetooth short distance communication technology, which can realize wireless inspection of refrigerated containers, and also support scanning QR code to obtain the working status of the equipment.

Leveraging AI and IoT technologies, "BoxPlus (reefer)" intelligently identifies any deviation or disruption from the container; with the application like SMART ALERT and SMART PREDICTION, BoxPlus (reefer) enhances customers' shipment delivery status visibility and insight; provides a complete end-to-end service for ocean carriers and their end customers to enable cost reductions, optimize supply chain operations, maintain shipment asset quality, and deliver premium services to customers. With the cutting-edge technologies and the vast volume of data collected, "BoxPlus (reefer)" brings an unprecedented level of real-time cargo status visibility, empowers more accurate and responsive planning, and significantly drives down operation costs for carriers and shippers.